Sunday, September 14, 2014

FAll is in The Air

The changing of seasons is very dramatic in the midwest. Warm days turn into chilly evenings, and chilly evenings tease of frost at night. Flowers and gardens are covered with blankets to keep them warm, to save them from demise. A blanket; a protector, a shield. For my family, this was a summer we would like to forget, but living with the loss of a loved one daily, does not allow. Cool evenings, covered with a warm blanket, holding on to those who are so dear, helps us forget...for just a moment.  

So, I have never been more ready to show signs of changing seasons in my home. It was time. Time for the pumpkins to arrive. 

Gone are the days of the indoors orange plastic pumpkins. Pumpkins come in all types of textures, shapes, and colors. My favorite, velvet pumpkins; luscious and dramatic just like the change of seasons. It oozes warmth.  

Peacock Blue Velvet Pumpkins
Caramel Colored Pumpkin

Visit for some great handmade pumpkins.....and take time to snuggle with your loved one.

xoxo, Ele 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vintage Plates

A gallery wall of plates adds a little variation to the traditional "picture" gallery wall. I do say, I love my vintage plates. Some were gifts, a few were special "finds" while others hold memories of relatives. 

Plates need to be hung with some type of symmetry in mind. A large plate can be balanced with two small plates. Let your eye do the work. My arrangement in the picture right, is actually not finished. I'm still hunting for just the right two plates to put on the bottom row.  When it comes to formulating a design, it is easiest if you first arrange your display on the floor or a table. A good tip is to place the plates on a large sheet of paper and once you are satisfied with your arrangement, draw around the perimeter of each plate. There are many plate hangers available. Measure down each plate, where the nail should go and make a mark on your paper. Now, 4 easy steps: 1.Position and tape paper on the wall. 2. Nail on the designated mark (through the paper). 3. Tear off the paper 4. Hang your plates!  
Some of my plates are hand painted, some are transferware, (wet ink is transferred from paper to porcelain through heat). There are also very pretty reproductions available. Flea markets, antique stores, big box stores, and even online shops are good places to acquire beautiful plates.  
 And you never know, a gallery of plates, might just be found in your kitchen cupboards! 
Many Blessings!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

July Wedding

Summer weddings were a time for family, friends, and of course LOVE. This glamorous July wedding started with an incredibly beautiful black and white appliqued dress by Allure, and this bride had exactly the right personality and look to pull off this complete package of gorgeousness.

Photo credits: Studio Kyra & Louise Marie Photography
Dress: Allure, Mary Me Bridal, Minot ND
   Colors of black, white, and red, along with a wine glass theme helped this reception sparkle.

 Photo credits: Studio Kyra & Louise Marie Photography
Decorating: A Bit of Heaven
Cake: Lalee Cakes

 Over 100 wine glasses became pillar, votive candle holders, and cake stands. Along with the glasses, crystal vases, and glittering rhinestone broaches,  a whole lot of love brought everything  together to make this one glamorous wedding.

Photo of bride: StudioKyra &
Louise Marie Photography
Bridal Bouquet: A Bit of Heaven

There will be more summer wedding recaps, so I hope you visit again!  
xoxo A Bit of Heaven 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Black and White Photos

It's my favorite wall with some of my favorite people. Faces watching over me in my office.

Black and white pictures make a statement when grouped together, and yes, that is me in the lower left hand corner.